Department of IT & Electronics,

Government of Uttar Pradesh


UPSWAN (Uttar Pradesh Wide Area Network) was envisaged as the converged backbone network for data, voice and video communications throughout the State and is expected to cater  the information communication requirements of all the Government departments.

Key facts are as follows:

  • Uttar Pradesh Wide Area Network (UPSWAN) is a backbone network for secure and fast communications of data, voice and video throughout a State.
  • UPSWAN project is being implemented as a core infrastructure Project under National e-Governance Plan in the State of Uttar Pradesh.
  • NIC is the implementation Agency for the Project. MoU was signed between Government of Uttar Pradesh, NIC & NICSI.
  • Total 885 PoPs have been established – 1 at State Headquarter, 70 at District Headquarters, 240 at Tehsil Headquarters and 574 at Block Headquarters.
  • 3 Core sites are connected with 34 mbps bandwidth while all other sites including DHQ, THQ and BHQ are connected over 2 mbps bandwidth.
  • BSNL has been selected as bandwidth service provider.
  • Project period is completed on 30/09/2016 and further extended up to 31/12/2017.

UPSWAN 2.0 :

UPSWAN 2.0 (Uttar Pradesh Wide Area Network) proposes new operational model with latest cutting edge technology. Obtaining of techno commercial proposal from BSNL is in the process

Key features of UPSWAN 2.0 would be:

  • Managed MPLS model on hub & spoke topology.
  • Higher Network Uptime
  • Visibility of Network
  • Better Utilization of WAN Links
  • Traffic Engineering and QOS
  • Better Network Management
  • 1 Gbps managed MPLS connectivity at SHQ
  • 2 Mbps Managed MPLS connectivity at DHQ.
  • 2 Mbps Managed MPLS connectivity at THQ.
  • 2 Mbps Managed MPLS connectivity at BHQ.