Department of IT & Electronics,

Government of Uttar Pradesh

C.M. Helpline

The Government of Uttar Pradesh has taken a decision to establish an Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Helpline having an inbound & outbound Call Centre facility of around 500 seating capacity in the State Capital with a vision to accept/register public grievances- be it informative, suggestive or the complaints that require resolution from the Government departments of the State.

The UPDESCO is nominated as implementation agency by the Government for establishment and operations of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Helpline. Call Centre Agency who shall be responsible for establishment & operation of Chief Minister Helpline in the State of Uttar Pradesh shall be selected through open bidding for which the process has been initiated by the Government.

The objective of the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Helpline is to provide robust Helpline system which will solve citizens’ grievances at their door step in a time bound manner.

Chief Minister Helpline is an effort to reach out to citizen proactively and facilitating them by providing the Helpline facility through call centre and other appropriate modes which will serve the citizens with the below mentioned purposes:

  • Complain/Grievance registration.
  • Information gathering.
  • Escalation to concerned officials for timely resolution.
  • Capturing the suggestion and feedback from citizens.

There will be a toll free Helpline number on which citizens of the state can register their grievances. The complaints registered with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Helpline shall be routed to the concerned officials who shall resolve the issues within a stipulated time frame. In case the complainant is not satisfied with the resolution the matter shall be escalated to next level as per the departmental escalation matrix.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Helpline aims to provide a common platform to all departments imparting G2C services. The Helpline shall handle incoming and outgoing telephone calls from/to the citizen. The concerned Government officials shall be responsible for resolution of grievances registered by the citizen.

Scope of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Helpline

  • The capacity of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Helpline will be around 500 seats initially and will be established in Lucknow city.
  • The Chief Minister Helpline Call Centre shall perform both inbound and outbound functions 24x7 with prime & non-prime hours.
  • The IGRS (Integrated Grievance Redressal System) will work in the backend for Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Helpline system and grievances received from citizens shall be entered in IGRS database.
  • A mobile application for Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Helpline will also be developed.
  • The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Helpline will use adequate Data Analytics application and work with NIC to track status of grievances and its action taken by concerned departments. Various dashboards will be introduced which will help in quick and accurate decision making.