Department of IT & Electronics,

Government of Uttar Pradesh

Shreetron India Limited


Shreetron India Limited was incorporated under the name of UPTRON Shreetronix Limited on 1st Feb 1979 under company act of 1956 as a limited company. The company was subsequently renamed as Shreetron India Limited on 24th April 1984. Shreetron India Limited is a Public Sector ISO 9001:2000 company under the administrative control of Department of Information Technology and Electronics, Government of Uttar Pradesh. Shreetron India Limited is managed by the Board of directors under Chief Executive and Managing Director.

The Government of Uttar Pradesh has nominated this company as a “Nodal Agency” for undertaking IT and ITeS projects like Hardware, Networking, Software and Implementation of IT solutions, IT Training and other related jobs for various Government agencies of the state, for which the end customer can directly place the order without going for the tedious tender process.

As per G.O. No: 785/78-2-2004-25 I.T./2001 dated 25 August 2004 of Department of IT and Electronics, Government of Uttar Pradesh has authorized Shreetron India for supply and installation of Computer Hardware and Networking. Shreetron India Limited is OEM supplier for all major brand names in Computer hardware like HP- COMPAQ, ACER, Lenovo (IBM) and HCL etc and have supplied computers of different Configuration to various departments of Uttar Pradesh Government.

As per G.O. No: 1089/78-2-2005 EL/ 99 dated 22nd July 2005 Shreetron has been authorized for providing Computer Training to Government Employees. As per G.O. No: 137(1)/78-2-2006-11 IT /2001 dated 19th January 2006, Shreetron has been authorized for Development and Implementations of Software Solutions and IT Projects at turnkey basis.