Department of IT & Electronics,

Government of Uttar Pradesh

Citizen Services

Online Delivery of Services

e-District is the mission mode project to ensure the delivery of high volume citizen centric services using multiple delievery channels such as Directly through internet, Common Service Centers (CSC) mobile app etc. in efficient & transparent way.

  • UP was the first State in country to Successfully rollout e-District scheme in 6 pilot districts (Gautam Budh Nagar, Ghaziabad, Sultanpur, Sitapur, Gorakhpur and Rae Bareli) of UP.
  • UP is the first State in country to Successfully rollout e-District scheme in all the 75 Districts of the State.
  • Presently 57 high volume citizen centic service of 14 state department are being provided.
  • Looking at the overwhelming response of the citizens, GoUP is in the process to increase more citizen centric services under this scheme.
  • Till date,more than 8.5 crores citizens have been benefited.

Services Delivered through e-District Portal Uttar Pradesh

Sr. No. Department Name Sr. No. Name of Service
1. Revenue 1. Caste certificate
2. Income certificate
3. Domicile certificate
4. Cause List Generation
5. Case Tracking
6. Final Order Generation
7. Issuance of Citation for Recovery (RC)
8. Status of Recovery (RC)
9. Recording of Payments
10. Application for Khatauni
2. Urban Development 11. Birth certificate
12. Death certificate
3. Medical & Health 13. Handicap Certificate
4. Social Welfare 14. Old Age Pension
15. Family Benefit Scheme
16. Application for Scholarship (Gen & SC/ST)
17. Application for Marriage & Illness Grant
18. Application for assistance against atrocities
5. Women Welfare & Child Development 19. Pension for widows
20. Dampati Puraskar scheme to promote widow marriage under 35 yrs
21. Financial assistance to women of dowry scheme
22. Legal assistance to dowry sufferers women scheme
23. Grant for marriage of daughter of widow destitute scheme
6. Handicap Welfare 24. Handicap pension
25. Application for loan to Handicap Person
26. Application for Aids & Appliances
27. Application for Marriage Grants
7. Employment 28. Registration in Employment Exchange
29. Application for renewal of Employee Registration
8. Food & Civil Supplies 30. Issuance of Ration Card
31. Surrender of Ration Card
32. Modification in Ration Cards
33. Duplicate Ration Cards
9. Panchayati Raj 34. Copy of Kutumb Register
35. Birth certificate (Rural)
36. Death certificate (Rural)
10. All Concerned departments w.r.t. e-District 37. Filing of Grievance
38. Tracking of Grievance
39. All Application forms on web for downloading from anywhere
11. Labour Board 40. Labour Registration
41. Labour Renewal
42. Benefits of Scheme
12. Food Safety & Drug Administration 43. Online Drug Store Registration & Licensing System (ODRALS)
13. IGRS 44. Online Grievance
14. Labour 45. Registration of Establishment
46. Renewal of Establishment
47. Issuance of duplicate certificate for Registered Establishment
48. Notice of Change
49. Amendment Of Contractor License
50. Amendment Registration Of Establishment
51. License Of Contractor
52. Notice Of Commencement Or Completion Of Work
53. Registration Of Establishment Employing Contract Labour
54. Registration Of Motor Transport
55. Renewal Of Contract License
15. Commercial Tax 56. e-Registration
57. e-Return