Department of IT & Electronics,

Government of Uttar Pradesh

Citizen Services

Online Delivery of Services

e-District is the mission mode project to ensure the delivery of high volume citizen centric services using multiple delievery channels such as Directly through internet, Common Service Centers (CSC) mobile app etc. in efficient & transparent way.

  • UP was the first State in country to Successfully rollout e-District scheme in 6 pilot districts (Gautam Budh Nagar, Ghaziabad, Sultanpur, Sitapur, Gorakhpur and Rae Bareli) of UP.
  • UP is the first State in country to Successfully rollout e-District scheme in all the 75 Districts of the State.
  • Presently 226 high volume citizen centic service of 31 state department are being provided.
  • Looking at the overwhelming response of the citizens, GoUP is in the process to increase more citizen centric services under this scheme.
  • Till date,more than 17.11 crores citizens have been benefited.

Services Delivered through e-District Portal Uttar Pradesh

List of e-Services
Sr. No. Department Sr. No. Name of Service e-District name/ Integrated Service
1 Revenue 1 Caste certificate e-District
2 Income certificate
3 Domicile certificate
4 Application for Khatauni
5 Cause List Generation
6 Case Tracking
7 Final Order Generation
2 Medical & Health 8 Handicap Certificate e-District
3 Social Welfare 9 Application for Scholarship (Gen & SC/ST) e-District
10 Application for Marriage & Illness Grant
11 Application for assistance against atrocities
4 Women Welfare & Child Development 12 Pension for Widows e-District
13 Dampati Puraskar scheme to promote widow marriage under 35 years
14 Financial assistance to women of dowry scheme
15 Legal assistance to dowry sufferers & women scheme
16 Grant for marriage of daughter of widow destitute scheme
5 Handicap Welfare 17 Handicap pension e-District
18 Application for loan to Handicap Person
19 Application for Aids & Appliances
20 Application for Marriage Grants
6 Panchayati Raj 21 Copy of Kutumb Register e-District
22 Birth certificate (Rural)
23 Death certificate (Rural)
7 Urban Development 24 Death Certificate (Urban) e-District
25 Birth Certificate (Urban)
8 Home 26 Decision on permission of loudspeakers at public places e-District
9 Food & Civil Supplies 27 Issuance of Ration Card Integrated Services
28 Surrender of Ration Card
29 Modification in Ration Cards
30 Duplicate Ration Cards
10 Employment 31 Registration in Employment Exchange Integrated Services
11 Labour Board (BOC) 32 Labour Registration Integrated Services
33 Labour Renewal
34 Benefits of Scheme
12 Food Safety & Drug Administration 35 Online Drug Store Registration & Licensing System (ODRALS) Integrated Services
13 Lok Shikayat 36 Online Grievance (IGRS) Integrated Services
(CM Office)
14 Labour 37 Registration of Establishment Integrated Services
38 Renewal of Establishment
39 Issuance of duplicate certificate for Registered Establishment
40 Notice of Change
41 Amendment Of Contractor License
42 Amendment Registration Of Establishment
43 License Of Contractor
44 Notice Of Commencement Or Completion Of Work
45 Registration Of Establishment Employing Contract Labour
46 Registration Of Motor Transport
47 Renewal Of Contract License
15 Commercial Tax 48 e-Registration Integrated Services
49 e-Return
16 Agriculture 50 Sankar Beej Subsidy - Sankar Beej Dhaan Integrated Services
51 Sankar Beej Subsidy - Sankar Beej Bazra
52 Sankar Beej Subsidy - Sankar Beej Makka
53 Sankar Beej Subsidy - Sankar Beej Jwar
54 Sankar Beej Subsidy - Sankar Beej Kapas
55 Sankar Beej Subsidy - Sankar Beej Rai/Sarso
56 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Gehu Beej
57 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Matar Beej
58 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Chana Beej
59 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Dhaicha Beej
60 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Sarso/Rai Beej
61 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Jau Beej
62 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Makka Beej
63 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Toriya Beej
64 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Alsi Beej
65 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Masoor Beej
66 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Rajma Beej
67 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Barsim
68 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Jai
69 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Lahi Beej
70 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Dhan Beej
71 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Aloo Beej
72 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Moong Beej
73 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Udad Beej
74 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Til MiniKit
75 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Moongfali
76 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Soyabeen
77 Samanya Beej Subsidy - Arhar Beej
78 Krishi Raksha Upkaran Subsidy - Nepsak Sprayer
79 Krishi Raksha Upkaran Subsidy - Power Sprayer
80 Krishi Raksha Upkaran Subsidy - Manav Chalit Sprayer
81 Krishi Raksha Upkaran Subsidy - Foot Sprayer
82 Krishi Raksha Rasayan Subsidy - Khar Patavar Nashi
83 Krishi Raksha Rasayan Subsidy - Keetnashak
84 Krishi Raksha Rasayan Subsidy - Fafood Nashak
85 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Tractor
86 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Rotavator
87 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Seed Drill
88 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Pump Set
89 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Chara katne ki machine hastchalit
90 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Cultivator
91 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Chep Cutter Manavrahit
92 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Laser Land leveller
93 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Treshar
94 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Osai Pankha
95 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Sprinkle set
96 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Hairo
97 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Boring
98 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Rain Gun
99 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Power weeder
100 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Paddy Thraishar
101 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Solar Pump
102 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Farm Machinery Bank
103 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Aloo bone ki machine
104 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Aloo khudai ki machine
105 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Drum seeder
106 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Conovidar
107 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Custom hiring kendra ki sthapna
108 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Water Caring pipe
109 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Paddy Transplantar
110 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Power Tiller
111 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Reaper cum Binder
112 Krishi Yantra Subsidy - Rice Transplanter
113 Other/Micronutrient - Micronutrient
114 Other/Micronutrient - Zinc Sulphate
115 Other/Micronutrient - Gypsum
116 Other/Micronutrient - H.D.P.E. Pipe
117 Other/Micronutrient - Line Saving
118 Other/Micronutrient - Sulphur
119 Other/Micronutrient - Mrida Parikshan
120 Bakhari – Bakhari
121 Bhoomi Upchaar – Usar
122 Bhoomi Upchaar – Banjar
123 Bhoomi Upchaar - Beehad
124 Bhoomi Upchaar – Diyara
125 Bhoomi Upchaar – Jalmagn
17 Urban Development 126 Uncontested Mutation of Property in Nagar Nigam area  
127 New Connection of Water Supply in Nagar Nigam area(where techinically feasible)  
128 Birth/Death Certificate in Nagar Plaika Parisad/Nagar Panchayat /Nagar Plaika/ Nagar Nigam Area  
18 Department of Religious Affairs 129 E-Puja & Online donation facility for Shri Kashi Vishwanath Mandir, Varanasi Integrated Services
130 Online request for Darshnik Sthal Yatra for Senior Citizen of Uttar Pradesh
131 Online request for seeking subsidy by the pilgrim of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra
132 Online request for seeking subsidy by the pilgrim of Sindhu Darshan Yatra
19 Power 133 NSC Registration Integrated Services
134 Load Enhancement Request
135 Burnt Transformer Replacement Request
136 Meter Replacement Request
20 Entertainment Tax 137 New licenses for single cinemas, multiplexes, movie movies / special motion pictures, video cinemas, mobile video cinemas, local channels, and video libraries. Integrated Services
138 Renewal of a single cinema, multiplexes, mobile cinema / special motion picture, video cinema, mobile video cinema, local channel and video library license.
139 Operator permit for motion picture / digital projection system
140 Permission for various entertainment (Excluding licensed entertainment, cable and DTH, such as the amusement park / water park, cabaret or floor show, hammock, video games, skills sports, mimicry, carnival, puppet show, classical music, horse racing, pool games, balling yale, billiards, Snooker other entertainment than the above list)
21 Home Department 141 Complaint Registration Integrated Services
142 FIR Status
143 Issuance of Certificate for Character
144 Application for tenant Verification
145 Application for servant Verification
146 Employee Verification Request
147 e-FIR
22 Technical Education Department 148 Issuance of Transfer Certificate for Polytechnic institution's Students Integrated Services
149 Providing Migration Certificate
150 Issuance of Provisional Certificate
151 Return of Caution Money
152 Issuance of Character Certificate
153 Decision on provisional marksheet for polytechnic institution's students
154 Issuance of Diploma certificate for polytechnic institution student who have passed the examination
155 Declaration of Scrutiny Result for Polytechnic students
156 Declaration of Result of Back Paper Exam
157 Rectification of Marksheet
158 Issuance of Provisional Certificate (Diploma)
159 Issuance of duplicate Marksheet
23 Stamp & Registration Department 160 Non-Encumbrance Certificate Integrated Services
161 Registration under Hindu Marriage Act
162 Property Registration
24 Transport Department (Vahan) 163 Duplicate Registration Certificate Integrated Services
164 Transfer Of Ownership
165 Change Of Address In RC
166 NOC
167 Hypothecation Addition
168 Hypothecation Termination
169 Hypothecation Continuation
170 RC Particulars
171 Permit Services-New Permit
172 Permit Services-Renewal Of Permit
173 Permit Services-Duplicate Permit
174 Permit Services-Temporary Permit
175 Permit Services-Special Permit
176 Permit Services-Renewal Of Authorization
24(A) Transport Department (SAARTHI) 177 Application For Learning License Integrated Services
178 Application For Driving License
179 Application For Duplicate Driving License
180 Application For Renewal Of Driving License
181 Application For Change Of Address In DL
182 Application For Endorsement Of Another Class Of Vehicle
183 Application For Replacement Of DL
184 Application For International Driving Permit
25 Medical Health & Family Welfare Department 185 Disability Certificate Integrated Services
186 Decision on the Age certificate
187 Decision on the registration of Nursing Home
188 Decision on the payment for unsuccessful Family Planning
189 Decision on the Technical scrutiny and inevitability certificate for medical reimbursement
190 Decision on the Medico-Legal certificate (Injury)
191 Decision on Death Certificate for people dying in the hospital
192 Decision on the illness and fitness certificate
193 Decision on the Immunization certificate
26 Animal Husbandry Department 194 Decision on registration of cow sheds run by voluntary institutions (Non government Organizations) Integrated Services
27 Dairy Development Department 195 Decision on registration of Dairy committees Integrated Services
28 Vocational Education & Skill Development Department 196 Issuance of e-Mark sheet / Duplicate e-Mark sheet Integrated Services
197 Request & Status of Medical Leave
198 Return of Caution Money
199 Return of Original Mark sheet and Certificate
200 Request for revised e-Mark sheet / e-Certificate
201 Issuance of e-Certificate / Duplicate e-Certificate
202 Issuance of Transfer Certificate<>
203 Issuance of Character Certificate
29 PWD 204 Decision on sending report under road side control Integrated Services
205 Registration of contractors:-
Decision on sending records for verification after having been provided by contractors
206 Decision on registration/renewal (According to the Registration Rules 1982) on receipt of all records after verification
30 Khadi and village industries Department 207 Decision on sending applications for financial aid from Banks (Chief Minister's village industries Employment scheme) Integrated Services
208 Decision on benefits of interest on gratuity (Grant) (Chief Minister's Village Industries Employment Scheme)
31 Weight and Measurement Department 209 Verification Of weights and measures in the Office Integrated Services
210 Verification Of Petrol Pumps at its location
211 Verification Of Flow Meters at its location
212 Verification Of Auto rickshaw /Taxi Fare Meter
213 Verification Of CNG/LPG dispensing pumps Meter at its location
214 Verification Of Storage tanks at its location
215 Re-Verification Of weights and measures in the Office
216 Re-Verification Of Petrol Pumps at its location
217 Re-Verification Of Flow Meters at its location
218 Re-Verification Of Auto rickshaw /Taxi Fare Meter
219 Re-Verification Of CNG/LPG dispensing pumps Meter at its location
220 Re-Verification Of Storage tanks at its location
221 Manual to Computerized_Re-Verification Of weights and measures in the Office
222 Manual to Computerized_Re-Verification Of Petrol Pumps at its location
223 Manual to Computerized_Re-Verification Of Flow Meters at its location
224 Manual to Computerized_Re-Verification Of Auto rickshaw /Taxi Fare Meter
225 Manual to Computerized_Re-Verification Of CNG/LPG dispensing pumps Meter at its location
226 Manual to Computerized_Re-Verification Of Storage tanks at its location