Department of IT & Electronics,

Government of Uttar Pradesh


  • Policy matters relating to Information Technology and Implementation of IT Policy.
  • Consultancy and Training
  • Promotion of knowledge-based enterprises.
  • Development of electronics and coordination amongst its various users.
  • Coordination of requirements relating to electronics processing equipment(computers).
  • All matters concerning computer based information, technology and processing including hardware, software, Networking and standardization of procedures and matters.
  • Integrating Information Technology into main streams of Development.
  • Facilitating Development of Infrastructure.
  • Facilitating the growth of IT Industry (Hardware, Software and Services) in the State.
  • Providing "Right of Way" clearances to Optical Fiber Cable operators.
  • Promoting and Facilitating use of IT in Governance.
  • Promoting measures to make I.T services available to general public.
  • Promotion of E-Commerce.
  • Integrating and facilitating high quality Information Technology based education in Schools, Colleges, Universities and private institutions in the State.
  • Enabling the Administrative Systems to be more proactive, accessible, simple and empathetic.
  • Driving State e-Governance Plan ( As a part of National e-Governance Plan)